Pennyrile Area Development District
A Regional Planning & Development Agency
Community & Economic Development

Amy Frogue

Associate Director
Amy is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the Community & Economic Development Department.  She provides assistance to cities, counties, and special districts with regard to financing and developing projects.  In addition, Amy administers the PADD loan programs.

Suzanne Arnold

Director of Housing
Suzanne coordinates housing assistance and development activities in the Pennyrile region.  The major areas of assistance provided are homeowner rehabilitaion, home loan originations, small rehabiliation loans, and home ownership counseling.  Suzanne also assists local officials and other agencies in securing funding sources to promote safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing in the nine-county area.

Angela Crawford

Projects Coordinator
Angela plans, develops, writes and administers grants from various funding sources for community and economic development, public facilities and services, housing, and related projects.  Angela also coordinates Entrepreneur program activities for the region and maintains the Pennyrile Entrepreneur Network (PEN).

Ashley Johnson

Community Development Specialist / Public Administration Specialist
Ashley plans, develops, writes and administers grants from various funding sources for community development projects.  She provides technical assistance for Special Purpose Governmental Entities (SPGE) and guidance to local elected officials, as well as the Pennyrile Municipal Clerks Association, on issues that affect local governments.  Ashley is the primary contact for Christian County activities.

Jamie Lawrence

Water Management Coordinator
Jamie assists water and sewer utilities with project planning and development in the Pennyrile area.  As facilitator of planning, development, and financing of the Pennyrile Area Water Management Council, he works in conjunction with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, Kentucky Rural Water Association and the Kentucky Division of Water.

Craig Morris

Regional Planning Coordinator
Craig coordinates planning activities for county and municipal agencies in order to provide technical assistance and direction on specific programs and projects.  He is responsible for the coordination of the Transportation Planning activities and is the primary point of contact for the Transportation Committee.

Melody Goodwin

Program / Administrative Assistant
Melody serves as assistant to the project development staff and is responsible for the intergovernmental Review Process and Highway Safety Programs.  She also assists local governments with yearly tax rate calculations.