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This regional Citizen Corps Council provides citizens in the Pennyrile with the information to prepare and the opportunity to volunteer in the case of a disaster or emergency in their community.

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What do you do in an Earthquake?

Protect your Family
Kentucky's Protect Your Family website outlines four essential steps in preparedness: Make a Plan; Prepare a Kit; Get Involved; and Prepare to Communicate.  Visit the site for some excellent information.

See the PADD Recovery Pages - info on any current incident.
A map on this page shows ice amounts throughout the region from the January 2009 ice storm.

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security stresses the need for all citizens to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.  It is the mission of the Citizens Corps Council to have every citizen create a preparedness kit, create a preparedness plan, and volunteer in their community.  The Citizen Corps Council brings together community leaders with the primary purpose of engaging all citizens in making America safer.

The Department of Homeland Security's "Ready Campaign" seeks to help American families be better prepared for even unlikely emergency scenarios.  While we cannot always predict an attack, there are simple things you and your family can do to prepare for the possible event of a terrorist incident.

The Pennyrile Area Development District assists the regional Citizen Corps Council for the nine counties in the Pennyrile area.  The ADD point of contact for this program is Jim Creighton.

Additional information is also available from our council chairman, Dan Nicholson.

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