Pennyrile Area Development District
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Pennyrile Aging & Disability Resource Center


Open Door
​The Pennyrile Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is a fully operational, “no wrong door” approach to accessing aging and disability services in the nine county Pennyrile Region.

The key objectives are to provide comprehensive information and services to citizens and their families in order for them to make informed choices on their care, provide citizens with a single portal of access to area program and services, and to identify gaps in services.

The ADRC provides awareness, information, assistance and access.

Ali Jones is the  Pennyrile ADRC Coordinator.  She may be contacted at [email protected].
Please use this resource directory to guide you through your journey to find services within the Pennyrile region. If you need further assistance to find services available to you or your family, please feel free to call the Pennyrile Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living Aging and Disability Resource Center toll free at: 1-866-844-4396
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